Saturday, 8 October 2011

One hour left!!!

She sells in one hour, 7 cst or 6 mst!

Next Bid: $1600

Friday, 7 October 2011

Monday, 3 October 2011

Tag 1 Highliner Heifer

Highliner x FCC Rambo 502
DOB: April
Wow, its usually the first word out of visitors mouths. I dont know what to change, just look at her!

Tag 2 Rainmaker Heifer

Rainmaker x Sim/Angus
DOB: January

Market Heifer deluxe! She is strong topped and posseses an incredible amount of lower quarter. Big  time hair and bone yet really sound and functional. 

Tag 3 Monopoly Steer

Monopoly x All About You
DOB: May
Big time contender here. Nice sized for KC or a later state fair. He's got it all!

Tag 4 Invincible Steer

Invincible x TC Advantage
DOB: April
Super complete calf. He is soft made, has a great back leg and to top it off he got the always popular blaze face!

Tag 5 PB Hereford heifer

AGA 114L Wide General 75W x PB hereford
DOB: May
She's a may and a little greener, but she has one of the best front ends I've ever seen on a PB hereford and great hair. Here pedigree is 100% horned and is an outcross to most American pedigrees. 

Tag 6 Johnny Walker Red Heifer

Johnny Walker Red x Herf/Angus
DOB: January
Big time donor material here. Hereford marked calves are always popular and this one proves why. TH and PHA free by parentage but she sure doesnt look like it.

Tag 7 Hannibal Heifer

Hannibal x Monopoly
DOB: April
Big boned, big hair, big top and big bodied! Everyone knows how well Hannibal females work and this one will not be an exception. Did I mention she is super freaky fronted, just look at it! 

Tag 8 Monopoly Heifer

Monopoly x Dry Ice
DOB: March

Stout enough to be a market heifer but yet feminine enough to make a super breeding heifer. She is sweet made and has super hair.

Tag 9 Boardwalk Heifer

Boardwalk x FCC Rambo 502/ Draft Pick
DOB: April

This is the stoutest heifer in the sale. She is also big middled, big boned and has great neck extension.

Tag 10 Highliner Heifer

Highliner x Char
DOB: April
Another well built heifer that will make a great cow. She is also super sound. 

Tag 11 Highliner Steer

Highliner x Herf/angus
DOB: April
Another awesome 4-H prospect. He's got the blaze face to catch the judges attention and is big barrelled and stout made.

Tag 12 WMW steer

This Who Made Who steer will make a great early 4-H steer. He is a February born and has a little more performance.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Wicked PB Herf Heifer

Thats right, she is OUTCROSS PB HORNED HEREFORD!! If only I could put a front end like this one has on my crossbreds. She is only a May and is a little greener but she has more hair than a llama and a front end like a giraffe. Sells October 8! 

Highliner x Herf/Angus

This phenomenol show prospect sells October 8 on She's moderate framed, super sound, hairy and to top it all off, she's a BALDY!

2011 Online calf sale

The 2011 edition of the Heaven on Earth Online Club Calf presented by Heaven Cattle Co. will take place October 8 on We are extremely pleased to be offering an awesome set of calves that will be able to compete on all levels.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

NUH Ms. Gunner 514W - Fall 2011

Look for this outstanding two year this fall at the Olds Fall Classsic, Farmfair International and Canadian Western Agribition.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Canadian All-breeds Show

It might be a little late but here are a few pics and results from last weekends show.

Champion purebred female - Wilson family of Miller-Wilson angus

Reserve purebred - Cassidy Mathews of Highland Stock Farms

Champion Commercial female - Kyle Dodgson

Reserve Commercial - Raised by Express Shown by Brandon Hertz

Champion heifer calf- raised by Sara Van Sickle
Shown by us!
This Rainmaker heifer calf sells in the first annual Heaven Cattle Co. fall sale this October! Look for upcoming details on the blog, the website ( ) and in the Show Circuit!

Friday, 29 July 2011

Getting ready

This is a cell pic of the rainmaker heifer calf. She's getting ready to make her show debut in a couple of weeks at the Canadian Allbreeds show!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rainmaker heifer for sale

This Rainmaker heifer calf raised by Sara Van Sickle is for sale. She is super stout and hairy! Call/txt Kolby for more info, (780)778-1435.

Finally out on Grass

It's only 3 weeks later than what it should be, but as of tonight all the cows are out on grass.

I can't wait!

With all the excitment and buzz around Jr. Nats in KC right now I can't help but get excited for the beginning of the summer juniors shows north of the 49th. Next week is our regional 4-H show and the week after that is Summer Synergy! Synergy is now in its second year as a culmination of 7 junior breed shows into one enormous event held in Olds. More info can be found on their website . Since its the beginning of my last year as a junior I can't wait to have a blast and end it off with a bang!

Last 5 AIed today

The last 5 cows were bred to Master of Puppets this morning.Included in this group is the freakiest PB hereford I own, and maybe have ever seen! So now with the conclusion of the breeding season I am eagerly anticipating the calf crop to hit the ground next year, should be awesome. 

Monday, 20 June 2011


Somebody doesn't like the mud! Lol since it's been raining for a week around here and we've accumulated 8.5 inches of moisture in that time, things have got muddy. Raptor apparently doesn't like the situation and he can be found in this feeder whenever he is not in the creep feeder.

Little Raptor in his new bed